Talk with your Divorce Attorney beforehand

It may seem odd to talk with a divorce attorney before telling your spouse, but it is just common sense.  Most likely your spouse already knows that trouble is brewing, but there is a small chance that they have no idea about your intentions. The way you break the news to your spouse can actually have a significant impact on your case so it is always a good idea to get advice from the experts before proceeding.

Why go to the professionals first?

The first person to file for divorce can have a definite advantage. If you contact an attorney before telling your spouse you can then do things like:

  • Have your lawyer draw up a document to notify your spouse of the divorce.
  • Have your attorney get a Temporary Protective Order put into place if you think your spouse may be dangerous.
  • Be the party to present evidence and testimony first and last at any hearing or trial in your case, should it get to that point.

How to handle the response

Each person will react differently when they are informed of an impending divorce. Reactions can run the spectrum from acceptance to rage. Some of the most common reactions will be:

  • Begging for another chance or reconsideration
  • A demand for explanation
  • Threats or ultimatums
  • A departure to go think things over
  • Utter silence

Some spouses will threaten to take all of the money or take away the children. These threats are normally just scare tactics and are completely unrealistic. Times like these are when you need an experienced divorce attorney to explain the realities of alimony, child support, and spousal support so you will know which threats to ignore and which to take seriously.

If your spouse tells you that he or she will take your children and you will never see them again, they are almost always wrong. Parental rights in Georgia for mothers and fathers are well established and our experienced attorneys can help you protect these rights. Plus, courts do not look favorably on a parent who tries to use their kids as bargaining tools. When such threats are dealt with properly, this tactic will oftentimes backfire and have a negative impact on your spouse’s custody case.

A common tactic is for the spouse to drag out the divorce in hopes that you will give up or run out of money. Our attorneys are familiar with stall tactics and can continue to move your case forward regardless of your spouse’s best efforts. In fact, if a spouse attempts to stall, they can find themselves in legal trouble of their own.