In light of the ongoing impact that the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is having on our community, Hastings Shadmehryis adjusting the way we live and work.

We will be implementing social distancing so as to do our part in trying to slow the spread of the disease and reduce the impact we have on our medical establishments. We are committed to and working on all of the cases that we have and will continue accepting new clients. However, the manner in which we work will be altered.

Beginning March 16, 2020, Hastings Shadmehrywill cease all but essential in-person meetings with clients, and instead conduct those meetings by telephone and video conference. We have increased our capacity to meet remotely for consultations and appointments. Please contact our office at 770-641-8200 or email us at to schedule an appointment.

For all existing clients, your case remains a priority and the attorney assigned to your case will continue to work diligently to achieve your goals and is available by phone or email. All Georgia Courts have been closed by the Georgia Supreme Court and your Judge is only hearing “essential matters.” Status conferences, hearings, and trials are considered non-essential unless in exceptional circumstances.

Our office will be in touch with each client to let them know what this may mean for your case. We are honored to work on behalf of each client and will continue to focus on achieving your goals through this time.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work together to be responsible community members in the face of this unprecedented pandemic. We also commend the Courts and individual Judges who have wrestled with the difficult decision to limit the functioning of the judicial system. Above all, take care of yourself, your children and your community by taking seriously the threat that Covid-19 poses to our world.

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