How to provide for your children’s future

Divorce is hard on everyone whether it is the mother or father. But, if you are a mom with children to look out for then you have a lot on your shoulders. This is especially true if you are a working mom because you may feel like working would hurt your chances of retaining custody. To ensure you are protected, you should contact an experienced divorce attorney with extensive knowledge of child custody and support.

In a divorce, one spouse may threaten to take away the children, deny child support or try to make the other spouse look like an unfit parent. It is a terrifying experience and it can put immense strain on a family dynamic.

At Hastings Shadmehry we have represented thousands of clients, both mothers, and fathers. Our experience gives us the ability to help you get what you need from a divorce. We represent our clients aggressively and passionately defend their rights.

If you are a mother and you are thinking about divorce then you will need our help with:

  • Child Custody – By having an expert in family law on your side, you are guaranteeing that you have the best possible chance of success. Whether it is retaining custody or developing a fair custody plan, an experienced divorce attorney can get it done for you.
  • Child Support – Child support is an integral part of custody cases. The person who doesn’t have primary custody of the children will have to pay child support to the person who has primary physical custody of the kids. If the parent who owes child support refuses to pay, you will need to file a petition with the court to get them to enforce payment. This can lead to the former spouse having their wages garnished to get your past, present, and future payments. In an enforcement situation, a divorce attorney is an invaluable asset.