Top Georgia Divorce Attorney

Divorce. It can be one of the most challenging things a person will go through in their adult life. Because this is an emotional process as much as a legal process, you must seek out a compassionate divorce attorney knowledgeable about divorce law in Georgia to represent your interests in the process.

This is a turning point in life – not just any divorce attorney is going to do the trick.

You need an experienced divorce attorney who offers a compassionate ear and provides fierce advocacy for you and your needs during and after the divorce. You can count on Hastings Shadmehryto be your tireless advocate through the divorce process, including:

  • Expert representation in matters involving the physical and legal custody of your children.
  • Determination and negotiation of each parent’s contribution towards child support.
  • Negotiation of alimony if eligible, and the amount of alimony awarded to qualifying spouse.
  • Formulation of equitable division of marital assets.
  • Fighting for your interests through the divorce process, from initial petition through the trial and appeal – if it comes to that.
  • Preparing for all eventualities. Even if you have no plans to contest the divorce, our experienced divorce attorneys are ready for the unforeseen.

Filing for divorce in Georgia is not an easy proposition.

But, with the talented and experienced team at Hastings Shadmehryon your side, you will find it is easier to deal with the technical and legal aspects of divorce than you may have thought possible. Our team of dedicated and caring professionals is experienced and ready to fight for your interests through every step of the divorce process.

Call, chat, or drop us an email today to schedule your consultation. Our experienced divorce attorneys are here to answer your questions and guide you through the process as quickly as possible, so you can begin planning the next chapter in your life.