Why Choose A Collaborative Divorce Attorney?

Collaborative Divorce is a creative, non-adversarial approach to divorce that is changing the way families solve problems and resolve their cases. In a traditional divorce, the two sides battle each other to be the “winner.”  A Collaborative Divorce is a team approach: a team of professionals works with your family as a whole to end your marriage respectfully and with the least possible emotional damage. Our clients who choose Collaborative Divorce consistently tell us that they choose the process because they want their children to get through the divorce unscathed and they want to have a constructive, relatively peaceful relationship with each other after the divorce.

Instead of going to court and having a judge decide their fates, clients in Collaborative Divorce negotiate their divorce in a series of meetings with the professional team. Instead of fighting to be the winner, clients learn how to negotiate with each other so that they both get what is most important to them.

The Collaborative Process isn’t just for divorcing couples or families with kids.  We have used the Collaborative Process to help all kinds of families, with all kinds of issues. The only prerequisite is that you want to resolve your dispute respectfully, without resorting to the divorce litigation process.

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