Family law issues are unavoidably emotive and stressful and take a lot of skill on the part of lawyers to reach successful resolutions.

If dedicated family law attorneys are not involved in these cases they generally end up in court with a judge making decisions for the family. Since there will inevitably be disputes and differences, family law issues can result in a lot of unhappiness. But an experienced family law attorney can help to avoid disputes or at very least resolve them.

What Family Law Issues Can a Family Law Attorney Help With?

Family law issues range from relatively mundane procedures like name changes to family violence and restraining orders, much more in between.

Typical family law agreements that family law attorneys draw up include:

  • Prenuptial agreements which are contracts between couples who are planning to marry. These spell out the rights of both people specifically in the eventuality of a divorce. Domestic partnership agreements take the place of prenuptial agreements in states like Georgia where same-sex partners are not able to legally marry.
  • Post-nuptial agreements between married couples that state the rights of each party if they should decide to divorce in the future.
  • Separation agreements that cover child custody, child support, and other issues that would not be included in either a prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement.

Sometimes agreements relating to child custody, child support, and alimony need to be modified, and a family law attorney will assist with this too.

A family law attorney can also assist with adoption as well as paternity and legitimation that establishes the responsibilities and legal rights of parents regarding their children. Visitation rights of grandparents may also be tackled.

When things really go downhill in a relationship, a family law attorney will obtain a family violence and restraining order to get abuse victims out of potentially dangerous situations.

It’s important to realize that family violence may be physical as well as emotional. Examples range from stalking and criminal trespass to criminal damage to property, unlawful restraint, and assault. Potential victims include partners, spouses (past and present), children, as well as foster and step-parents, and foster and stepchildren.

The family and collaborative attorneys at Hastings Shadmehryhave many years of experience dealing with family law issues. We can help you win your case in court. Call or email us to make an appointment.

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