The decision to get a divorce doesn’t happen overnight. Nor does the breakdown of a marriage. But once a couple has decided that divorce is the only route, that, as they say in the classics, is that.

Sometimes, however, people acknowledge the marriage has broken down, think that divorce is the only route, but deep in their hearts want to walk down a different road. Sometimes only one partner wants the divorce while the other doesn’t. It can be extremely tough.

If you don’t want a divorce, a good step to take is to see a marriage counselor. Alternatively, you can use the services of a good mediation attorney who can work through the possibilities with you. You might even consider doing both these things in tandem.

How a Mediation Attorney Can Help

If either partner – or both – isn’t certain they want to go through with a divorce it’s a good idea to work through the procedures and possibilities so that both people can make informed decisions. A mediation attorney can do this.

It may or may not change minds, but if it doesn’t you’ll have made a start in terms of making the right decisions about the divorce. Perhaps you’ll decide to work through a trial period, or maybe you will opt for separation instead. The important factor is that you should be able to do this in a logical manner, with as little irrational emotion as possible.

Rather than rushing into a situation where a divorce attorney gets involved to get you the best deal, a mediator will act as a facilitator. In the event of you going ahead with the divorce, a mediator will help ensure the agreement between you and your spouse is mutually acceptable. This can mean less stress, lower costs, and it can speed up the process as well.

It’s important to understand that mediation attorneys are not allowed to provide legal advice when they mediate in divorce cases. They also cannot be part of creating any legal orders that would bind the two parties. This is why they can play such a useful role when parties are undecided in terms going ahead with divorce. But it is also important that people don’t use mediation simply to delay divorce.

Hastings Shadmehry Mediation Services

Hastings ShadmehryFamily & Collaborative Law provide mediation services that undecided parties often find invaluable. Some of our clients decide to go ahead with divorce, others change their minds. It’s a tough call, but we will help you understand the divorce process and implications relevant to your case so that you make your own informed decisions. If you do decide to go ahead, our divorce attorneys are able to help you go forward.

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