Divorcing Someone Who Won’t Let Go

Divorce is not an easy path, even when both parties know it is the only solution. But when one person in the failed partnership refuses to let go it can be unbearably difficult, particularly when children are involved. This is one of the reasons mediation, or collaborative divorce, are usually the best approaches to take. […]

Written by on February 21, 2017

Mediation attorneys Make Divorce Easier

Divorce is never an easy process. Those who have been through the painful procedure, and mediation attorneys who work through the process with clients, know this. But collaborative mediation can make divorce easier to bear. The reality for married couples that have decided to get divorced is that there will be issues that are going […]

Written by on January 23, 2017

Starting the New Year After Divorce

Divorce is never easy, but starting out a New Year after divorce can be particularly challenging. Nevertheless it is also an excellent time to make a new start as our Alpharetta collaborative divorce attorneys know. On the positive side, you’ve been through the divorce process, which can be really hard. You have reached a settlement […]

Written by on December 30, 2016

Dealing With Divorce and Parenting Over the Holidays

The holidays are supposed to be a happy time when families get together and celebrate. But when parents are divorced or separated this time of the year can be very stressful for all concerned. No one knows this better than our specialist Alpharetta collaborative divorce attorney who deals with parenting issues on a daily basis. […]

Written by on December 15, 2016

Andrea Hastings Named a 2016 Legal Elite by Georgia Trend

Georgia Trend, a leading magazine in Georgia’s business, politics and economic development, has named our Andrea Hastings as a 2016 Legal Elite in Family Law. From Georgia Trend, “For the past 14 years, Georgia Trend has asked the state’s attorneys to tell us who they think are the best in their field. This year’s group […]

Written by on December 6, 2016

Handling Your First Holidays After a Divorce, with Children

The first holidays after a divorce can be incredibly stressful, particularly those at the end of the year that are traditionally family orientated. Our Alpharetta collaborative divorce attorneys share some advice below on how to overcome obstacles from emotions, to raising children. While some parents are able to rise above their failed relationship and spend […]

Written by on November 30, 2016

Tips from Alpharetta Family Law Attorney on Co-Parenting Over the Holidays

The holiday season is a time for families to get together, particularly over Thanksgiving and Christmas. But for families that have been split by divorce, this time can be extremely painful, especially for the children. Fortunately, many couples agree on a co-parenting plan for their children when they divorce. This entails a certain degree of […]

Written by on November 15, 2016

Mediation Attorneys Enable Co-Parenting After Divorce

Mediation attorneys can play an important role in divorce. Instead of heading straight for the courts and litigation, mediation enables couples to work through their problems and to resolve them by coming to mutual agreement out of court, with the help of a trained third party. The role of mediation attorneys is very specific and […]

Written by on July 30, 2016

The Role of Divorce Mediation Attorneys in Domestic Violence Cases

Divorce mediation is a form of dispute resolution that enables couples to divorce without going through the stressful, costly litigation process. Instead of being the experimental approach it was just three decades ago, today divorce mediation is considered standard practice, and its role in visitation disputes and contested custody cases is well established. Additionally, mediators […]

Written by on July 15, 2016

Who Needs Mediation Attorneys?

Mediation is a type of dispute resolution that is used to minimize hostility between people and help them agree on certain issues. The mediator is required to be totally neutral as he or she does not represent either party, even when the mediator is an attorney. Mediation attorneys can play a positive role in many […]

Written by on June 30, 2016